Thursday, March 22, 2012

Okay, it's been a while, and I thought I'd better post another update.  It's been slow work.  The carpet was a massive step toward completion, but now there are a few hang ups.  The hold ups I have :
Need thread repairs
  1. Thread repairs for drivers side quarter panel
  2. Sheet metal to cover the gaping hole where the transmission shift comes into the car
  3. Seat belts rebuilt (I am not rebuilding them myself, as some parts were broken and I cannot get a hold of them)
  4. Spring and retainer cup for the sunvisors.
  5. Design headlight actuators
  6. Paint headlight lids and bezels
  7. Get the stereo head unit, speakers/subs, and amps.
However, just to give you an idea of what else has been done, the window glass is in position (not in place as I need to connect the electrical to the window switches to move and adjust), the panels are painted and ready to install (except the drivers quarter panel), the battery has been purchased, the starter connected.  Once the battery is connected, I'll align and install the window glass, and then try to get the door panels in place.

The panels have NEVER been in the car since I have owned it.  They were in boxes when I got the car, so this is THE most the car has been assembled for 15 years.  Thank goodness for the CAD drawings of the assembly - they identify what things I can install and how to do it, since I've never worked on some of these parts.

And, despite the dust on the car, the windows being in position gives me a sense of having it almost ready.

I'm getting a little antsy for this to be done!