Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update on the car

Wow.  A little time and it's amazing what you can accomplish.  So far, I have installed Dynamat Superlite in the seat and floor pan areas of both sides, along the sides of the drive train tunnel, and along the dash board.  I have installed Reflectix on top of that (using some 3M 8090 Super Trim Adhesive stuff), and tacked that down, plus, tacked down the carpet on top of that stuff (with the same 8090 adhesive - it's a contact adhesive, spraying both sides, let it set for 5 minutes, and then tack them together, give them an hour to cure, and viola!).  So, I now have two pieces of carpeting installed.  I'll still need to trim it up once I have the panel components, but seriously, there is carpet where each of the seats go!  Woohoo!

The next step is to procure four speakers so that I can install the dashboard.  Two under the dash pad, and two at the kick panels.  I also need to pick up the kick panels, and the windshield trim, plus the t-top center trim and rear quarter panels.  With that stuff installed, it's the rear compartment area, the storage boxes, and the rear speakers (might go with 10" subs, or 6"x9" mids - in that small of an area, the subs might be useless).  Plus, install the door glass (after the battery goes in so I can adjust it), install the door panels, and some various trim pieces.  Given a week, and all of the parts, I could have the interior complete.  Wow.

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  1. P.S. "new car smell" is strictly from the glue they put the carpet down with, and 3M 8090 provides that. I never even considered that car would have the "new car smell".